ROCCI Takes the Bull by the horns about Bullies at a Local Primary School!

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16 April 2018

ROCCI Takes on Bullies with and iron fist.

Bullying has become rife all around South Africa some cases resulting on numerous death of teenagers,some children as young as seven years old! The suicide rate of children being bullied has increased and the schools are becoming out of control with more and more serious bullying going on.

( As this case is still in sub-judica- No names will be revealed and the identity of the youngster and family kept confidential)

Recently ROCCI was approached by a parent who alleged her child was being bullied at his local primary school. The child is a petite built 9 year old,soft spoken and barely weighs about 30klg.

Speaking to his Parent, who suffers from a heart condition,she relayed her version of events of how since October 2018, her child kept coming home beaten up,she approached the school for help and after six month nothing was allegedly done.

She claimed she was physically assaulted,mocked,verbally assaulted and then threatened. Upon speaking to the child *he said that *he dident have friends,and the group pf bullies mock *him(some of the reasons may not be disclosed at this time), *he is allegedly assaulted daily in school and outside of school. The child admits that *he stole rent money from his mother to pay off the bullies or to buy their friendship, in order to encourage them to no longer beat the child up. This backfired as they beat the child more.

A member of the public who was allegedly a witness to these beatings,actually stopped to help this poor child and bought the child a bicycle to help evade the bullies. That too seemed to escalate the beatings as the bullies took full advantage of riding the bike making the child carry their bags.

Its alleged the bullies also dragged the child down to Hendrick Potgieter drive and abandoned *him after beating him, as the child dident know how to find his way home as he resides far from where *he was left, yet another member of the public helped the child home.

The child alleged when he told the deputy principal he was”locked” in a room with the bullies and their parents and was threatened that they would torture and beat him and his mother if he said anything further.

Upon asking the parent what she expected from ROCCI, she sated she just requested her child to be safe. When We asked the child the same question, *his response was not to be hurt,bullied and to make friends,as he was feeling suicidal and lonely. This child is the only child of this single parent and has no siblings.

We gave the child and the parent our business card and told the child should anyone lock him in a room or do anything to him,or if the bullies touched him he should call us immediately.

ROCCI acted immediately investigating these serious allegations and made contact with the school. The Principal was unavailable that day and the deputy Principals attitude, was blatant fill with rudeness and disrespectful.

We made contact with the principal the next day who was stunned to what was happening as he was never informed of this situation and he took immediate action with his staff and called in the child and offending bullies and their parents,as well as alerted the departments of education.

ROCCI also alerted Child Welfare Roodepoort who immediately made contact with the Mother to assist with counseling and help.

The school principal called me a day later to fill me in that this little child came running full force into his office the next day waving the business card around calling out”call my lawyer call my lawyer they are bullying me”. The Principal took immediate action and the bullies were suspended pending an investigation. When he looked at the card he saw it was ROCCI’s Business card the child had waved like a white flag.

Later that same afternoon the child called us and wanted to Thank ROCCI as *he had a great day at school, his new class was wonderful,the principal kind and the bullies left him alone “it was a great day,the best day ever aunty” *he said

Following up daily with both the parent, the child and the school, all is well the child is doing well, the principal is proactively involved and in constant contact with ROCCI, the parent and the child daily whist the investigation and other allegations are being done.

The Welfare has also been in touch as well as youth leaders in helping this family and the bullies too.

We will be updating this story as soon as the investigation and outcome is received.

Bullying is unacceptable and ROCCI stands by protecting those who cannot protect themselves and we will give “Voice” to the “Voiceless”


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