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In crowds all over our community from the schools, to concerts, functions all around, we see people stand in awe as the see, hear and experience the amazing, astronomically wonder works of Jaco Grobler’s works of art.
Jaco Grobler the owner of Rocket AV, who lives by his slogan Passion, Production and Performance, is a well-known respected and admired businessman. It is rare to find a man with such a humble heart and huge passion in what he does. Jaco is a visionary who can listen with an open mind and hear what his client’s desire, and then in his amazing mad skills, creates the most beautiful stages, lighting and music which flows over a kind of magic over the crowds. Jaco turns school halls into beautiful stages of theater, he creates an open field into a symphony of art and design and knows how to tap into the mood of every crowd stirring visual and acoustic strings directly to the core of a being.
Passion indeed this young business man has mastered the art of his trade and his client’s feedback is so consistent in saying his services, skills and humbleness, affordability and performance e is second to none.
Rocket Av uses cutting edge technology, progressive equipment and professionally trained staff, but is also given a creative and dynamic edge.
Their twelve year track record in the fast paced, competitive industry of conferencing and events has given them the experience and knowledge to ensure that the solutions offered are evaluated with unique requirements in mind.
“We firmly believe that the growth of our business is determined by the success of yours and it is this belief that drives us to deliver the best solutions through continuous improvement, honesty, hard work and above all, putting your needs first” says Jaco
Rocket AV have worked with the best of the best, from schools, to ROCCI Rocks show, Big corporate events, FIESTA LATINO, SA Latino Culture, Food & Music Festival, National Arts Council at Constitution Hill, IoT conference with the IDC, Kare Opening, Edith Venter and Elephant in Main, to Movies In the Park and Trevor Noah at Joburg Theater, the list is endless as is the amazing man’s talents, definitely a super star in the making, quietly, humble in the background while he makes the stars shine, he is the real star, smiling with joy behind the scenes, making the magic.

Rocketing to new heights, contact Jaco today at and check out his Facebook page Check out their Facebook page :


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