RPO Africa specialises in assisting companies of all sizes, especially the SME sector, in creating a recruitment division in their organization that reduces their time to hire, increases the pool of suitable staff, and reduces recruitment costs of up to 60% per annum.

Our goal is to provide personalized and interactive recruitment consulting services, tailored around an in-depth understanding of the core business, culture and ethos of our clients’ organizations. To accomplish this, we invest the necessary time in the recruitment process to ensure a sustainable employment match between our clients’ requirements and the aspirations and abilities of our candidates. This approach offers a superior level of customer service and personal involvement with your organization – a unique business consulting service designed to meet your needs.

Services offered by RPO Africa

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing  (RPO Project Management, on-demand RPO)
  • Contingency Recruitment
  • Checks & Vetting (Skills testing, competency assessments, psychometric tests)
  • Recruitment Software

Head Office- Midstream Business Park, Centurion

(012) 9420702

Samantha Grose (MD)



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