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Lady ROCCI has been celebrating businesswomen for over a decade, and encourages women to become more pro-actively involved.

Lady ROCCI is committed to working for the expansion of opportunities and development for women in business and contributions towards the up-liftment of the community as a whole.

The purpose of this dynamic business women’s forum is to address relevant concerns and issues related to businesswomen. The Forum presents a unifying point of contact and  open communication, creating an effective link between all stakeholders.

All Women are faced daily with balancing Home and career life, creating effective new ways to do it all, as daughters,wives and mothers, every women is valued for their individuality and uniqueness. ROCCI applauds and stands amazed at how inspiring women in Business  have evolved and grown in becoming top recognised leaders in every industry.

Lady ROCCI encourages women to actively pursue their dreams support their endeavours.

If you would like to receive an invitation to the next Lady ROCCI event, email your contact details to or call 010 595 9644 for further information.

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