Mayhem Fitness Academy has been at the Ruimsig Stadium for the past 8 years and has been home to many top athletes in many different fields. The  gym’s main focus was always Mixed Martial Arts and under the leadership of Jacques and JP Joubert the club held many titles through the years. In 2016 the gym underwent a paradigm shift and welcomed Dwain Meredith, Tanya Meredith, Morgan Hunter and Marc Joubert to the management and coaching team. With the new coaches on board the gym changed its dynamic from purely a fight club to a fitness academy with Mixed Martial Arts as its base. Even though the gym now offers numerous fitness classes we still have a number of members competing in their various fighting disciplines which include MMA pro and Amateur, grappling and many more. The club now offers specific classes for weight loss, functionality, self-defense, striking, grappling and even kids bully proofing classes.

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Tanya Meredith
082 340 3386



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