Sanlam’s almost century old track record is, amongst other things, a testimony of the effective partnerships which we have and continue to enjoy across a broad front of the South African economy. One such valued partnership is Sanlam’s association with the AHi. The AHi’s work and commitment to sustainable economic growth, certainly matches Sanlam’s values of being a caring company intent on serving South Africans innovatively and with integrity.

Partnerships and associations position Sanlam well to serve clients across a broad front, including those who manage and own their own businesses. We know that business owners form the heartbeat of our economy and are important contributors to economic growth and prosperity for our citizens. Therefore, we are also passionate about helping business owners to success through our excellent service and product range.

Whether it is access to advice and information, or a requirement for specialised tools and solutions, Sanlam understands that business owners need unique support. In fact, we believe strategic financial planning remains a core area where business owners need expert guidance. Sanlam’s Financial Solutions for Business Owners and Financial Solutions for Self-employed Professionals therefore presents an integrated financial service offering to give South African entrepreneurs peace of mind that their hard work will be protected and preserved.

We think it’s what you should expect from an experienced and committed partner.

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