Staff engagement & productivity low?

A specialist in neurolinguistic programming, Yoke van Dam utilises emotional intelligence skills to help employees truly connect with their company’s culture, purpose and core values. She coaches leaders and team members to be more effective, which increases their overall productivity and improves their internal and external relationships. She also coaches business and team leaders to become engaging speakers who can deliver memorable presentations to small and large audiences.

·        Training & Facilitation

Whether your sales team want to up their game, or staff morale and internal communication need a boost. We teach both the theory and practical skills to achieve the best outcomes for your company and its people

·        Coaching

Do your leaders lack confidence? Or need a bit of coaching so they can get the most out of their team? We offer leadership and presentation coaching.

·        Public Speaking

Need an engaging speaker for your next conference or company event? We offer customized keynotes on topics such as behavioural change, persuasion and thought leadership developed by a Distinguished Toastmaster.


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Corner of King & Alexander, 10 Elgin, Cresta.

060 928 5961 / 076 7900 582



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