The way you do 1 thing, is the way you do everything!

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The way you do 1 thing is the way you do everything!

Someone once spoke these wise words “The way we do one thing is the way you do everything” At first, it doesn’t seem quite substantiated. I mean, different environments call for different behaviour. Home life isn’t the same as work life, I thought.

But as I endeavoured the pursuit of business in South Africa I have come to know that these words are very true. People often wonder why certain people are successful and others aren’t. The question we should be asking is “what actions are those certain kinds of people taking?” We place the “wow” of a person outside of us and simply just believe that we aren’t capable. We excuse our behaviour and say things like, “that’s just how my life is,” or “I’m not like that,” too old, too skinny, too underrated, too under qualified, when the truth of the matter is, that we’d rather NOT take action. We’d rather not take responsibility for it. So inevitably, this same core behaviour permeates its way into our lives. It starts infiltrating into everything, how we run our lives, how we run our businesses, how we perform as leaders, how we take action or don’t take action.

So ask yourself the question. How well am I doing?

At Voice by Design, we have a specific aim at “performance” orientated training. The reason why we are so passionate about it is specifically that “performance in corporates today is really not up to standard. Dealing with large corporates and red tape, I’ve started realising that it’s really not performance of the ground staff that needs to change it’s the performance of the man in charge.

Here are things to consider:

  1. Communication Skills: How well do I or my team communicate. How much is affected on a daily basis when communication is not clear, constructive or specific.
  2. Time Management: Do the systems in place assist time management and does everyone have a functional practical way of managing time more practically?
  3. Motivation and Attitude: How much time do we spend motivating ourselves or our teams and is it working? How is the general attitude in the work place?
  4. Personal Branding: Understanding why this matters and how our personal brands influence our communication, our actions, energy and behavioural patterns.
  5. Personal values and beliefs: What we value and what we believe simply influences what we do and how we do it. More awareness in these areas influence the outcomes we have every time.

Let’s take a hard look at how we do things. Because you might be surprised it might be how you do everything!

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